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M'sian hacker 'highly skilled'

PETALING JAYA - THE Malaysian accused of hacking into the system of a US central bank branch in Cleveland, Ohio, is believed to be highly skilled and collaborating with others in carrying out cyber crimes.

US prosecutors described Lin Mun Poo, 32, as an 'extremely sophisticated and dangerous computer hacker' in documents obtained from the US Justice Department.
Lin made world headlines for the wrong reasons - he managed to hack into high security cyber systems of major institutions in the US, including the Federal Reserve Bank and the Pentagon's security contractors.

He was caught in a New York diner by the Secret Service on Oct 21 while allegedly selling stolen credit card numbers for US$1,000 (S$1,295). It was only hours after he had arrived in the city.

On Thursday, he was indicted by a grand jury on four charges, including for hacking into the central bank branch in Cleveland.

If convicted, Lin faces a jail sentence of between six-and-a-half years and eight years.

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